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The most memorable service a bride and groom could ever ask for...a dj company that can help their celebration get off to a "great" start and last a lifetime.  That is something I have had success in doing for over 30 years.  The lasting memory of both families dancing in joyous celebration and guests cheering on the happy couple as the joy and laughter fill the room and the music never ends, even after the last dance.  


A party ain't a party without the right dj who not only plays the music but keeps the guests on the dance floor.  Getting a feel for the crowd, knowing what to play and when to play it.  Hitting ever genre with smooth mixing techniques and no dead air.


No event is too big or too small for my company to handle.  I give my hands-on personal touch to every clients needs, leaving no doubt that they chose the right company for the right reason.

Please Call Me For More Information & Booking.

No business is conducted on this site.  All business transactions are done in person.

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