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Get 100% Customer Service with "Dj Sweet J" 
"WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!" Where has customer service ethics gone? I see too many people misrepresented and overcharged by the false advertisements.  From my personal past experiences, I believe that none of these organizations will have the time nor the personnel to meet with you face to face to discuss your event plans.  To me, to be a professional DJ, you must also learn the practice of Event Planning.  Customers are trying to save cost and hire someone to assist in their musical plans, and Djs are expected to know and help the clients, at least, that's  what I learned from another Dj enthusiast.
         So, all these contracts done online are "NOT" professionalism or customer service.  In my opinion, customers need to know that they are their first priority, not the money.  Djs should represent their craft and talent on a personal level, then the money will come.  I believe in putting the client first, because YOU are the employer for my services and that's what matters the most. 
            Dj Luv Enterprise provides DJ/KJ, Photography, and Event Planning Services and we will entertain any event (i.e. , house parties, private parties, weddings, anniversaries), whatever the case may be. "If you're willing to pay, I'm there to provide my expertize and knowledge that is needed to succeed."  And with my services, unlike  the  competition, offers some extra bonuses.  They'll charge you extra, if you ask for extras.   I'm retired and I will work with you well in advance of your event date.  I'm all about "customer relations with the client", that is to ensure that your party has just the right "feng shui".  I have added and updated my gear to provide better quality service.  
Dj/Kj fees are as follows: ($100.00 deposit required to reserve services and fees are neg.)
                   $385.00 for 4 Hours (Karaoke $500.00)
                   $485.00 for 5 Hours (Karaoke $600.00)
                   $600.00 for 6 Hours Plus (Karaoke $750.00)
**Please note, any show outside of a 100 mile radius might be subject to an additional charge**
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